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Experience the Rockin H Ranch

Our Internships and Young Farmer Program offer two unique opportunities for an educational, fun and rewarding experience on a sustainable family farm.
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Free Home Delivery

We know you're busy. Let us help you save time with our FREE Farm to Home Delivery in the Springfield, MO, area.

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I ♥ My Farmer

Save valuable time with our Farm to Home Delivery for the rally important things like soccer games and piano recitals. Let us do your grocery shopping for you.
Jan 01 2014

Welcome to Real Farm Foods!

We are a family owned, sustainable farm raising animals that are truly grass-fed, pastured, free range, cage free... naturally.

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Our Grass-fed Premium Meats, Milk, Eggs and Cheese all come from our animals that are humanely raised on pasture without the use of harmful antibiotics, unnatural growth hormones, vaccinations, dangerous pesticides, chemical fertilizers or GMO grains.  Our Fresh produce is raised without chemical pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or GMO's.
Everyone seems to have a plumber, a mechanic or a lawn caretaker.  Why not have your own farmer?
We know you're busy.  Let us bring our Farm Fresh Meats, Produce, Milk, Eggs, Cheese and more right to your door each week with our Farm to Home Delivery!
From our Farm to your Table.
Naturally.  Guaranteed.

Know Your Farmer.  Love Your Food.

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