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It doesn’t get any easier to get our Farm Fresh Meats, Milk, Eggs, Dairy Products, Produce and more than when we deliver them with Real Farm Foods FREE Farm to Home Delivery service!
Everyone seems to have a plumber, mechanic or lawn caretaker.  Why not have your very own Farmer?  We know you’re busy.  Let us bring our Farm Fresh Products right to your door!  
It’s simple.  Just follow these easy steps to take advantage of our Farm to Home Delivery service. 

  1. Be sure you’re signed up for our Get Real E-Newsletter, our weekly newsletter sent out via email every Monday morning.  Through the newsletter you’ll be able to take advantage of weekly specials, deals and bundles available only to our Farm to Home Delivery customers.
  2. Decide what you want to purchase, whether it be from the weekly specials or our full product list and place an order through our online store by midnight Friday each week.  If you're the forgetful sort, we're happy to keep a standing order for you.  Then, there's no need to worry about getting your order in on time each week!  You can skip this step!  Because we do not charge a delivery fee, we do require a $25 minimum order to help us cover the costs of this service.
  3. A day or two before your scheduled delivery day, you’ll receive an invoice with your order total via email if you wish to pay with cash or check at the time of your delivery.  If you opt to pay by credit card, just give us a call with your credit card information or you can type the cc info in the comments section of the order process.  We'll keep your cc info on file, charge your card for your order and you’ll receive a sales receipt with your order total via email. 
  4. On Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, we’ll personally deliver your order right to your door!  And, there’s no worry if you’re not home.  Just leave a cooler out (or we can provide a Styrofoam cooler) on your front step so your order is waiting for you when you arrive home later in the day.  Each time you order, just remember to place your cooler outside on your front step so we can leave your order safe and secure for you.  We do not carry extra ice packs with us, so during hot weather, we advise leaving ice or ice packs in your cooler to keep your order fresh.
Now, keep in mind that we are located in south central Missouri and our Farm to Home Delivery service is limited to the following areas in and around Springfield, MO:
Our Wednesday weekly delivery route will consist of these zip codes:
65667, 65706, 65757, 65648, 65725, 65803, 65781, 65612, 65664, 65802, 65807, and 65806

These include the towns and areas of:  Hartville, Marshfield, Strafford, Fair Grove, Pleasant Hope, North Springfield, Willard, Bois D'Arc, Halltown, North Central Springfield, South Central Springfield, and Central Springfield.

Our Thursday weekly delivery route will cover these zip codes:
65717, 65704, 65765, 65809, 65804, 65810, 65619, 65738, 65610, 65631

These include the towns and areas of:  Mountain Grove, Mansfield, Turners, East Springfield, Southeast Springfield, South Springfield, Brookline/Battlefield, Republic, Billings and Clever.

RFF The Farm That Delivers
Our Friday weekly delivery route will include these zip codes:
65746, 65636, 65652, 65742, 65620, 65753, 65721, 65630, 65771, 65653, 65616, 65673, 65686, 65737, 65754, 65669, 65714
These include the towns and areas of:  Seymour, Diggins, Fordland, Rogersville, Bruner, Sparta, Ozark, Saddlebrook/Chestnut Ridge, Walnut Shade, Forsyth, Branson, Hollister, Kimberling City, Reeds Spring/Branson West, Spokane, Highlandville, and Nixa.

For the rest of you folks, our Premium Products can be shipped right to your door and you are welcome to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to purchase right from the farm.  Be sure to visit our Shop Local page for additional locations to find our products!  In areas just outside these zip codes, home delivery may be available for an additional fee subject to the discretion of the farm.
A few answers to frequently asked questions:
  • Orders placed by midnight Friday each week will be processed for delivery the following week.
  • We do not require that you order weekly.  Order as often or as infrequently as you prefer.
  • You may cancel your order at any time prior to your delivery.
  • We have existing routes, therefore we cannot make exceptions to be at your house at a specific time.  This is why we use coolers to leave your order in.  We can generally let you know if we will be arriving morning or afternoon in your area.
  • Cash or check payable to Real Farm Foods may be left in your cooler.  For credit card payments, just give us a call or text your cc info to 417-259-2456, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or type your cc info in the comments section when placing your order.  By entering your cc info, we will assume that you are giving us permission to keep your cc info on file for future purchases.  Once we have your cc info on file, you won't have to contact us with it again unless we need updated information.
  • If you do not receive an invoice or receipt by the day prior to your delivery day, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !  There's a slight chance we may have overlooked your order depending on the method placed and we don't want to miss anyone!
  • We always include pertinent information in the invoicing emails that go out each week that will pertain to any shortages, substitutions in product, weather delays, or changes in delivery routes.  Please read these emails!
  • We never want to be rude and not say hello, but in order to be most efficient and get product to our customers in a timely manner, we ask that you place your coolers out to accept your order so we can drop your order off and head on to our next delivery.  There is no need to have to meet us at the door unless you have a question about an order.  We love our customers, and we love visiting, but we'll make better times available for visits.  After all, we know you're busy folks, too!
  • If you do have any questions about your order, do not hesitate to contact us.   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is sometimes best, as we are in and out of the delivery van, milk barn, and walk-in freezers often, and may not be able to answer a phone call.  We will respond as quickly as we can to your questions.  Texting is also a good way to get ahold of us.
  • We always have extra product in the delivery van with us, so if you need something added to your order last minute, just leave us a note in your cooler or send us a text.  If we have the product in stock, we'll leave it with your order and charge you on the next week's invoice.  We're that trusting.
  • Although it's a pride booster, it's not necessary to tip your delivery driver.  It would never go unappreciated, but most times, your delivery driver is also your farmer and your milk maid, and she doesn't mind at all bringing your order to you.  But she may do a milk maid dance if there happen to be cookies left in the cooler... :)
  • For raw milk customers, please, please, please, remember to rinse your milk jars each week.  And, please, do not use any rough scrubby-thingys like a scouring pad on our plastic milk jar lids.  We use and reuse these many times and need them smooth so we can write the day the milk is poured into the jars on the lids.  If you wish to remove the colored marker showing the day of the week, just simply wipe it off.  We use a write-on/wipe-off marker for easy removal.  If you need to mark the lids for your own purposes, we ask that you also use an easy-to-remove ink like a write-on/wipe-off marker and not place anything sticky on the lids or jars that makes it harder to keep clean for the next use.  All jars and lids go through a hot sanitizing wash before each use.
  • When placing jars and egg cartons out for pick up, it's not necessary to bag or box up the jars.  We have a system in our delivery van that doesn't work as well when we have to find a spot for big bags or boxes.  And if you have multiple egg cartons, the simpleness of opening them up and stacking them flat works wonders for how much time we can save on each delivery stop.  And they take up much less space in your cupboard and cooler this way, too!


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