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Our Real Farm Foods Hub is an outgrowth of our little food company on our farm when the demand for local, nutrient dense, chemical free food, Real Food, surpassed what we could grow on our farm.  RFF Hub aggregates the production of many local growers in our community that choose to follow our Real Food protocol of growing food.

Once a local grower joins our RFF Hub, we work very hard to market, sell, and distribute all that is produced to our growing list of stores, schools, hospitals, businesses and our Home Delivery friends.  This allows the grower to concentrate on the farming side of things while we do the rest.  Our stores and businesses prefer this model over working daily with a large number of farmers.  

We hope to not only supply our customers with healthy, Real Food, but at the same time put many other farmers in a better position to become more economically independent, successful farmers.  This not only helps out those farmers, but also helps put and retain more economic viability in our struggling rural areas and small towns.  It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

We promise not to purchase products from hundreds of miles away and simply be another retailer or wholesaler.  We are a Hub of Farmers working to better our farms, our families, our communities and help feed a hungry and growing population with Real Food.

Know Your Farmer.  Love Your Food.