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Who doesn't love a good potluck?  And, who doesn't love a good potluck when it's full of yummies from folks who love REAL food?  And who doesn't love a fun-filled day for the entire family?  Well, if you attend our Annual Family Fun Day at the Farm, that's exactly what you'll find!

We're awful busy on and off the farm, and we don't ever want to miss out on a visit from our favorite folks, our customers and friends!  So, we plan two days a year that we host the biggest and best shindig in the area, just for YOU!  Join us on the afternoons of the first Saturday in June and the first Saturday in November each year to help us celebrate food, fun and YOU!

We open the gates at 12:00 noon and all Saturday afternoon and evening we'll be visiting, laughing, EATING, sampling and just having a good ol' time on the farm.  Once folks start arriving, Cody will bring out the big orange tractor and give load after load of illuminating and picturesque hayrides around the ranch where you'll get the chance to see how we do what we do on a daily basis along with a MEAT and GREET with some of the biggest stars on the farm, the happy and entertaining animals!  There's sure to be cows, sheep, goats and poultry to be seen along the way!  Try your hand at throwing a rope, tossing horseshoes or take a walk along the creek.  This year, you'll be able to meet Dawnnell's Jersey milk cows up close and personal!

While everyone is enjoying themselves and the atmosphere, Chef Paul and his team will be smoking, from field to table fresh, a Whole Hog and a Whole Lamb, along with whatever else they find in the coolers and gardens to serve for our Potluck Dinner served at 6:00 that evening.

We'll provide the meats, drinks and  tableware, so all you need to bring is the family and a side dish or two!  Not sure what to bring?  Here's a guide we use so we don't end up with a whole bunch of potato salad!

Find the letter your LAST NAME starts with and then bring the corresponding dish!

Last Name:


  A - I ~~ bring a side dish like a veggie

  J - R ~~ bring a salad, like fruit, veggie, lettuce, OR bread

  S - Z ~~ bring a dessert and remember that Cody loves chocolate! :)

There are always exciting additions each year, so be watching our Facebook page and make sure you're signed up to receive our weekly Get Real e-Newsletter for more info.  Once again, our good friend, Chef Paul Trout will be here with some culinary students to smoke the meats for us!  We give Chef Paul and his team full charge of our kitchen and it's always exciting to see what incredibly tasty dishes they come up with!

Keep in mind that many of our activities are outside, so be sure to dress for the weather!  I've never seen a party in cool weather end at the ranch without a big ol' bonfire, so be prepared to roast some marshMOOllows along with us, too!  And, bring along a camera as there will be plenty of photo opportunities!

We look forward to having everyone out at the farm for a day of FUN!