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In 1975, Cody left home at age 17 with his high-school 4-H project of seven cows.  That project grew into the Rockin H Ranch, a diversified ranch, on-farm market, and agri-tourism business.  The ranch has supported as many as 900 cow/calf pairs on 3,400 acres.  

Cody and Dawnnell met and in 2000 the base business of the already established cow-calf operation began to change shape.  Being a cowboy, Cody fought the idea for several years before adding our highly profitable and sustainable Katahdin sheep to the mix.  Foraging pigs were soon also added, along with a growing herd of Jersey milk cows, and bug chasing chickens and turkeys.  A few years into this mix and we added our browsing dairy goats bringing raw goat milk and artisan cheeses to the mix and then brought along a whopping herd of 1,200 Spanish meat goats to the farm.  We have added Shitake mushrooms, more produce and are always looking for ways to utilize the natural resources on the farm.  In 2009, we began our Farm to Home Delivery through a few dropoffs after the farmers market season ended in the winter.  With all the many changes on the farm, we encourage you to join our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and follow our Facebook page to keep updated!  
Our daughter, Taylor, is 20 and a major part of our everyday operations.  Taylor has taken over managment of the entire Grass Fed & Finished Beef Cattle operation on the ranch, moving the mobs daily through the grazing paddocks, along with managing our Grass Finished Sheep, of which she owns her own flock, and taking care of our many Great Pyrenees Guard Dogs watching the sheep, goats and chickens.  Taylor graduated from home school in 2013 and, having grown up as an intregal part of the ranch, has moved into more management of the animals over the recent months.  She enjoys animal husbandry but has also been in charge of managing our gardens, learning the intricate details of starting and transplanting seedlings.  Taylor loves to read, is an avid photographer and enjoys archery with a recurve bow.  She is generally the one who comes up with some of the best marketing ideas we have had.

Cody grew up on a small dairy farm in south central Missouri, not far from where we are today.  He bought his first seven dairy heifers at age 14.  By the time he was 17, he traded those dairy heifers for beef heifers, bought a farm and never looked back.  He has a business degree in accounting from Missouri State University and uses that background to help ensure the financial success of the ranch.  Cody is an acclaimed horse trainer and has traveled the central states displaying his horsemanship methods through round pen clinics and demonstrations.  Cody's passions are his animals, soil fertility and leaving the land better than we found it.  Cody is author of many articles published by magazines like Acres USA, Stockman Grassfarmer, and In Practice, the publication of Holistic Management International.  He shares his thoughts through his Facebook page, Cody's Corner group on Facebook, and has completed his much anticipated book, Ranching Full-Time on Three Hours a Day. 

Dawnnell hails from a small town in southwestern Missouri.  She grew up with a love of music and animals, although cows were a whole new matter to her when she met Cody.  She sometimes combines her love of music and animals by singing to her milk cows in the mornings.  She attended Ozark Christian College pursuing a degree in Biblical Literature.  Her work background is in the title insurance and mortgage industries.  She enjoys the daily chores mingling with the animals in God's creation much more than she enjoys housework.  Dawnnell handles the management of the 20-cow Jersey dairy, along with taking care of the majority of marketing of the ranch events, website, social media, weekly e-newsletter, and also handles the Farm to Home Delivery from order processing, packaging and driving the weekly delivery routes.  She has created a line of apparel for their Real Farm Foods which are available in their Farm Market and has authored articles published by Acres USA and on her blog,  Dawnnell also loves to read, photograph the farm, enjoys shooting and learning recurve bow under the tutelage of Taylor, and hopes to one day find time to organize the family photo album.
We have a philosophy of "work with what you've got".  And "what we've got" is found in God's beautiful nature.  We have a desire and an obligation to do things naturally.  That means we use no chemical fertilizers, no dangerous pesticides, no unnatural growth hormones in our animals, no harmful antibiotics, no genetically modified feeds.  We like to use the term "Farmeceutical", indicating a lesser dependence or elimination of pharmaceuticals for a healthy lifestyle.  We believe God gave animals legs for a reason.  To walk around as they choose.  Our animals are never placed in confinements or small cages.  We raise our animals in sync with nature, ecologically and sustainably.  We have a God-given responsibility to ourselves and others to raise premium foods top in quality and taste, naturally.  The cycle never ends.